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Earth of fire

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Stone and glass ... "sculpture" by Todo

Stone and glass ... "sculpture" by Todo

Born in Tokyo, Ramon Todo creates these sculptures in an unexpected juxtaposition of stones and other solids, found in random walks in nature or in the city, to the glass.

It inserts very fine in volcanic rocks , fragments of the Berlin Wall , or book covers , fragments of glass polished seams carefully .


Stone and glass ... "sculpture" by Todo

Stone and glass ... "sculpture" by Todo

Stone segments are replaced by this amazing area , reflective , tinted blue-green, as if he had trapped a piece of sky or sea between two pieces of land .

Contrast, the impact of materials and textures calls ... the artist  redefined the materials.

A mixture of opposite feelings expresses : fragility, translucence , mirrored glass, matting , roughness and brutality of stone, contradictory concepts.


Fossil and glass - "sculpture" by Todo

Fossil and glass - "sculpture" by Todo

Born in Japan in 1969 , he obtained a Master of Fine Art at the Tama Art University in 1997. Then comes in Germany, where he studied and worked in Dusseldorf from 1999. He attends Academy of Fine Art and Meisterschueler Professor Daniel Buren.

He simplified his name from Raamon Todo to "TODO" .

He exhibited mainly in Germany , Holland and Japan.


 Books - Todo works .

Books - Todo works .

Sources :

- My Modern Met - Unique Natural Sculptures Blend Layers of Stone with Glass - link

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