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Earth of fire

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Solfataras of Kueishantao.

A Spanish oceanographer, Mario Lebrato, looking for the reason for the existence of living organisms in their environment, just put online a nice video of the solfataras off the Kueishantao island, northeast of Taiwan, via Wild Blue expedition, its site.

The project, funded by the German government, in collaboration with China, aims to understand how crabs, corals and bacteria can survive in waters where sulfur levels not theoretically support life. The hypothesis, to be confirmed by future studies, is that these organizations use sulfur instead of carbohydrates to produce energy.


Pacific Ocean underwater volcano expedition off Taiwan, filmed with drone Phantom 3 PRO, 4K Ultra HD - Join an aerial expedition of a volcano off Taiwan to discover the white waters formed by hydrothermal vents formed by a volcano. We film from a yacht while we do scientific work.

Contrary to what some tabloid newspaper headlines suggest, the volcano is not erupting, solfataras and underwater fumaroles, which discolour the water, show a hydrothermal activity (... without excluding the possibility of volcanic activity in the future).

Kueishantao island is the southernmost of a group of five small volcanic islands off the NE coast of Taiwan. It is considered as the volcano of andesitic nature the southernmost of Okinawa trough back-arc basin.

View from the Taiwanese coast, the island has a profile reminiscent of the turtle, which earned him his nickname "Turtle island"


Kueishantao / Guishand island / Turtle Island - photo 關閉 或 請 按 Esc 鍵

Kueishantao / Guishand island / Turtle Island - photo 關閉 或 請 按 Esc 鍵

Historical records from the 18th century report that Gueishan mountain, one of its other names, had been "split by a red lava flow blood." The GVP dates his last activity, with lava flows, from 1785 +/- 10 years.


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(*) Editor's note: These titles carry an exaggeration, if not disinformation.

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