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Earth of fire

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The Turrialba presented eruptions on Friday, July 22 at 1:20 p.m. and 3:42 p.m..

The difference with the previous episodes, is the opening of two new small vents near the main crater, which issued fumaroles. The opening of surface cracks came at the high point of the second eruption, episode visible on the video of Ovsicori at the 10th second.

The conditions being met with increased precipitation and a gradual movement of magma, this activity could lead to the formation of a new caldera (of varying sizes, these calderas are formed by emptying the magma chamber and collapse on itself of its roof ... unlike a summit crater, smaller and formed by explosive erosion of the central vent / Geology Department of the University of san Diego state California)

The Turrialba National Park is closed to visitors.

Sources: Costa Rica star, Ovsicori and RSN

Cracks near the crater of Turrialba, and steam holes near the Chaiten.

Holes were formed in Villa Vanguardia, a town 98 km from Chaiten in the region of Los Lagos in Chile; they emit fumaroles worried by the residents.

An inspection of SERNAGEOMIN established that these holes, regular about 15 cm in diameter, emitting steam that is not from a geothermal or volcanic activity.
According to the Director of SERNAGEOMIN, Rodrigo Alvarez Seguel, we find ourselves in the presence of reworked ground, containing organic matter such as vegetation and tree trunks. A water intake, in this wetland, with small surrounding waterways, and heat of the basement, caused a natural evaporation and small vapor fumes.

Authorities reassure the communities: in any case, we are dealing with volcanic ash emissions or to hydrothermal activity. There are no abnormal seismic activity. These events are not dangerous.



Cracks near the crater of Turrialba, and steam holes near the Chaiten.
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