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Earth of fire

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Here's in pictures the eruptive activity at Piton de la Fournaise on September 15, the day of, barely formed, the active cone is broken ... by Ludovic Leduc.

Comparative volumes of lava emitted during major eruptions:

"Between 11 and 18 September 2016, 7 million m³ of lava were emitted at the surface, which makes 1 million per day on average ... it is quite uncommon with exceptions.:

- Eruption of January 5, 2002: 13 million m³ for 12 days of eruption

- Eruption of 22 August 2003 (peak Payankë): 6 million m³ for 6 days of eruption

- Eruption of 17 February 2005: 19 million m³ to 10 days of eruption

- Eruption of avrill 02, 2007 (peaks Tremblet): 240 million m³ for 30 days of eruption

I do not voluntarily take account of the eruptions less than a day. "


Source: Ludovic Leduc, volcanologist.

To follow, summarized by Franck Grondin of  the "clap end."

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