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Earth of fire

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Bogoslof - Worldview-2 satellite image of Bogoslof Island - C.Waythomas 11.05.2017

Bogoslof - Worldview-2 satellite image of Bogoslof Island - C.Waythomas 11.05.2017

Short red alert in Bogoslof, between 14:49 and 21:09 on May 28, 2017, due to an explosive eruption at 14:16 local / 22:16 UTC, which lasted only 50 minutes.
The satellite images and an observation from a pilot reveal a cloud of ash reaching between 10,000 and 13,000 meters. An observer on Unalaska reports a white-gray fungus above Bogoslof, and ash falls to the west.

Source: AVO

Piton de La Fournaise - The last days of the mission, the rebound, the eruption warning of the OVPF, the evacuation of the TEAM, the return to the field under surveillance for the last measures

Inflation persists at Piton de La Fournaise in Reunion, where the enclosure remains inaccessible.

The JIR / Journal of the island of Reunion, of this weekend, talks to us of the project SlideVOLC, in collaboration between the University of Reunion, the Laboratory Magma and Volcan / Univ. De Clermont-Ferrand and a private company.

Its purpose is to image the deep structure of the Piton de La Fournaise in high resolution by electrical measurements. Cables were stretched over 4 km between Rosemont Chapel, up to Grandes Pentes, via the summit zone.
A better understanding of the hydrothermal system of the volcano and of the fracturing and slip zones will allow to obtain a 2D image of the subsoil to a depth of 900 meters, explains Aline Peltier, director of the OVPF, and to better understand destabilization or distortion before a possible catastrophic event.

The repatriation of teams during the magmatic injection of 17 May was not too negative; It made it possible to carry out spontaneous polarization measurements during the injection, and to obtain information on the presence and the direction of circulation of the fluids.
The first results will be known in the weeks to come.
Sources: JIR - 4scienprod - OVPF

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