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Earth of fire

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Bromo Volcano Time Lapse for 2019-04-17 : A really active day

In Bromo, on the island of Java, ash emissions continue, justifying an orange VONA.

On April 17, the plumes, sometimes white, sometimes black, more or less laden with ashes, rose to a maximum height of 500 meters. The seismicity is characterized by a continuous tremor of dominant amplitude of 1mm., And by a deep volcanic earthquake.

On April 18, the parameters remain the same, except the height of the plume at max 300 meters.

The alert remains at 2 / waspada, with a prohibited area of ​​1 km.


Source: PVMBG

Lake Taal and Taal Volcano - photo Rove.me

Lake Taal and Taal Volcano - photo Rove.me

In the Philippines, the Phivolcs recorded 7 volcanic earthquakes in Taal on 18 April.

Field measurements on April 18, in the western sector of the main crater lake, reveal an increase in water temperature from 31.3 °C to 32.8 °C, a decrease of water level from the 34 cm to 25 cm, and a strong acidity. Low inflation is also observed thanks to the GPS network.

Daily volcanic earthquakes began in Taal on March 28, 2019.

Alert level remains at 1; an eruption not being imminent.


Source: Phivolcs

Ushkovsky - photo volcanoesland

Ushkovsky - photo volcanoesland

A volcanic ash dispersal simulation exercise took place between VAAC Tokyo, Kvert via the Himawari - 8 satellite, on April 18-19, targeting Ushkovsky and Opala volcanoes in Kamchatka.


Simulation for Ushkovsky:

A strong explosive eruption occurred at Ushkovsky volcano from 22:15 UTC this April 18, the ash ejected reached a height of 7,600 meters before drifting to the northwest on 30 km. The aviation alert has changed from green to Red.

The aviation alert was reviewed on April 18 at 23:30 UTC: orange, then returned to green on April 19 at 0:23 UTC.

Opala - photo Leopold Sulerzhitsky (Holocene Kamchataka volcanoes) via GVP

Opala - photo Leopold Sulerzhitsky (Holocene Kamchataka volcanoes) via GVP

Simulation for Opala:

A very strong explosive eruption began at 9:45 pm on April 18 at Opala volcano, which produced an ash plume at an altitude of 13,800 meters asl, drifting southeast 50 km.

The aviation code changed from green to red at 22:00 UTC on April 18, before being seen again on April 18 at 23:00 UTC, then back to green on 19 April at 02:20 UTC.


These simulations, WITHOUT ANY ERUPTION, besides the allowed calibrations, put these volcanoes in light. The last eruption of the stratovolcano Opala dates back to 1.776 (see GVP - http://volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn=300080)

As for the Ushkovsky, a large volcanic massif, formed by the Ushkovsky / ex. Plosky, of his two intracanalic cinder cones, and Krestovsky, his last eruptive activity dates from 1890 (see GVP - http://volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn=300261)


Sources: KVERT & VAAC Tokyo - Global volcanism Program

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