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Earth of fire

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Klyuchevskoy - KVERT archives 31.01.2020

Klyuchevskoy - KVERT archives 31.01.2020

A moderate explosive eruption of Klyuchevskoy continues; strombolian activity is observed. According to satellite data, a plume of gas and vapor containing a certain amount of ash stretches over 120 km, then 84 km respectively towards the ESE and then to the east of the volcano.
This explosive activity continues. Ash explosions up to an altitude of 5-7 km could occur at any time. The current activity could affect aircraft flying at low altitude.

The aviation code remains orange.


Source: KVERT bulletins of 23.02.2020 / 3:58 and 6:48

Nevados de Chillan - photo archive Sernageomin

Nevados de Chillan - photo archive Sernageomin

This February 23 at 1:04 am local time, a VT earthquake, associated with rock fracturing was recorded in Nevados de Chillan complex ; of magnitude 3.3 and a depth of 3.8km, It was located at 3.300 meters to the ESE of the Nicanor crater

It was preceded by 4 earthquakes of lesser magnitude, without detection of associated surface activity.

The level of the volcanic technical alert remains in Naranja.


Source: Sernageomin

Ruapehu - Te Wai à-moe crater lake - photo Brad Scott / GNS

Ruapehu - Te Wai à-moe crater lake - photo Brad Scott / GNS

A short-lived episode of volcanic earthquakes occurred under Mount Ruapehu from Saturday February 22 to Sunday February 23. The earthquake episode is over.

The most important events, at the start of the episode, have a magnitude of about 1.5 and later, the smaller events are too small to be located by GeoNet's earthquake tracking and detection system.

Seismic records indicate a source below the summit area, which is normal for volcanic earthquakes and volcanic tremors in Ruapehu. The sequence now seems to be over.

The temperature of Te Wai Crater Lake at-moe has been around 24-25 ºC in recent months.


Source: GNS

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