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Earth of fire

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Au volcan Mayon, situation inchangée.
Les nouvelles proviennent du gouvernement Philippin, le contact direct avec le Phivolcs étant impossible.

Collecte-sable-7-km-du-MAyon---Reuters-news-in-pictures.jpgCollecte de sable dans la région des 7 km. d'exclusion ...pour de multiples "bonnes raisons",
les Philippins continuent de parcourir cette zone dangereuse.  - Reuters, "News in pictures".

Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology

7:00 AM

Mayon Volcano (13.2576 N, 123.6856 E) continued to show an intense level of activity during the past 24-hour observation period. Ninety-six (96) ash explosions were observed during times of good visibility. These explosions produced light brown to grayish ash columns that reached heights of up to 2 km. One hundred twenty five (125) rumbling and booming sounds from the volcano were heard at the Lignon Hill Observatory in Legaspi City. Seismic activity remained elevated as the seismic network recorded a total of eight hundred seventy one (871) volcanic earthquakes. Ninety eight (98) rock fall events, related to detachment of lava fragments at the volcano's upper slopes, were also detected. Three of these events were observed to have generated pyroclastic flows that moved down within 2 km from the crater. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emission rate was high and was measured at an average of 2,738 tonnes/day yesterday.

Alert Level 4 remains hoisted over Mayon Volcano, meaning a hazardous eruption is possible within days.
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