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Earth of fire

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The last dome of the Chain of Puys range from the Puy de Dome Puy and Pariou: these are the Small and Clierzoux Suchet (Cliersou).

Petit Suchet et Grand Suchet- vu du Pariou - Fcarcena01
               The Petit & Grand Suchet, close neighbors but different in nature - photo Fcarcena01

Dossier-25 0514 copie 3The Little Suchet and Clierzoux are located south of the zone "type Chopine" (in the bottom of the map) - from Parc des Volcans

The Little Suchet, also called the Puy de l'Aumône, rises to 1,198 meters and is contiguous to the west to Grand Suchet, a pyroclastic cone of 1231 meters.

It is a lava dome pelean type, composed of domite, a characteristic trachyte of the Chaîne des Puys.
This domite contains more feldspar and hornblende as the Puy de Dome.
It is covered by place of pozzolans, slag from Grand Suchet, pumice expelled by the last eruption of Puy Pariou.
Its slopes are forested regular halfway up.

Petit Suchet - ph. Gratte-papier
                       Little Suchet and his neighbors - photo
Skyscraper papier

Grand et petit Suchet - thesupermat
                         Large and Little Suchet - photo Supermat.

To the south and southeast of the summit, open caves ... actually domite quarries operated in the Gallo-Roman and early Middle Ages.

Petit Suchet carrière de domite - ph.Romary                        
Suchet - career of domite - photo Romary

No detailed information on the cons by Clierzoux (Cliersou), which is only populated on the maps.

Le Grand Suchet vu du Cliersou - Gegeours
                      The view of the Grand Suchet from the Cliersou - photo Gegeours.

Le Grand suchet à droite & PdD - Gegeours   
Whe are never far from the Puy de Dome, on the left - right, the Grand Suchet - photo Gegeours.

- Guide to the volcanoes of the Canary Islands and Europe -
M. Krafft and Larouzière, ed. Delachaux & Niestlé
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