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Earth of fire

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A buzz at the Annecy Animation  Film French Festival, promises as an aperitif; before the release of Inside Out, a short film called Lava.

Traditionally, Pixar feature film each is preceded by a short film made by a small team of the studios.


Displays of  the short film "LAVA" by Pixar Animation Studios.

Displays of the short film "LAVA" by Pixar Animation Studios.

Lava is produced by James Ford Murphy and produced by Andrea Warren, who to their credit have worked on small masterpieces as Monster & cie, or Cars. It offers us a musical love story, taking place over millions of years, and Uku Lele between two Hawaiian volcanoes.

The poster lets us discover marine animals and birds in pairs, while the central figure, the volcano is alone.

The film will premiere at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan next week, and before the film's release, a first photo exhibits a happy volcanoes.

Without revealing the history, photo of Uku reveals a volcano with a kindly smile, which squints and whose leafy arms are waiting for a hug.


The movie "LAVA", a first photo of UKU. - Doc.Pixar Animation Studios.

The movie "LAVA", a first photo of UKU. - Doc.Pixar Animation Studios.

Disney Insider notes that Uku is "a wonderful example of the art of modern animation, the film depicts the tropical fauna and flora with an incredible level of realism."

James Ford Murphy notes that the idea of ​​this short film came to him during his honeymoon there twenty years. He was so taken by the Hawaiian culture that he began to play the Ukulele, and ended up writing the music for this film.

"The whole thing was an exercise in contrast," said Murphy. "Volcanoes are so destructreurs, but they are so creative. They are incredibly powerful in their eruptions, but they are so peaceful in other times."

What to salivate ... until June 2015, when the U.S. release


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