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Earth of fire

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The ongoing eruption of Klyuchevskoy knows a climax in recent days.
 2013.10.12 - New cinder cone at the pass between Klyuchevsk
Klyuchevskoy - on 12.10.2013 - summit Strombolian activity and lava - establishment of a cinder cone in the pass between Klyuchevskoy and Kamen . - Photo Y.Demyanchuk / KVERT / Olga Girina .

2013.10.13 klyuchevskaya - Nasa Terra Modis
            Extension of the ash plume from Klyuchevskoy -  13.10.2013 - Photo Nasa Terra Modis

The KVERT notes a continuous strombolian and vulcanian activity on 15 and 16.10.2013 , and lava flows on a large western sector . The plume rose to 10 km. on 15 , extending north along 480 km and to southwest along 150 km. On 16.10 , it rose to 7.5 km to extend over a hundred km. to SO .

2013.10.14 Klyu
Plume of ash from the Klyuchevskoy 14.10.2013 - webcam Institute of Volcanology and Seismology / RAS

On 16.10, lava flows on the SW flank of the volcano. The eruption in the pass separating the Klyuchevskoy and the Kamen has melted part of Bogdanovich glacier, causing a flow of hot water in the river Studenaya that destroyed the road near the village of Kozyrevsk .
The magnitude of the tremor was 133.7 mcm/s 15 and 138.8 mcm/s 16 .
The Aviation Code was raised to Red on 17, 18, and 19 october .

2013.10.17 Klyu - Demyanchuk
  Klyuchevskoy - 17.10.2013 - summit activity and glow of lava flows on the opposite side - Photo                   Y.Demyanchuk / KVERT

The growth of the lava dome continues with a night glow and avalanches of blocks.

On 17, ashy explosions, moderate to severe, produced a plume growing between 4 and 6 km .

The explosions are accompanied by a rising plume of 8-9 km on 18.10 , which then extends more than 1,100 km to the SE . Satellite data reveal two large thermal anomalies, one over the summit, the other located SW of the summit. Seismicity remains high , with a tremor of 312.4 mcm/s.
 2013.10.18 Two ash plumes of Klyuchevskoy volcano - of volc
18.10.2013 - the summit plume of Klyuchevskoy and to the left, the one of the flank eruption - picture Y.Demyanchuk / KVERT

The activity is the same on 19.10 , with a rising plume at 8 km and extending over 1300 km SE of Klyuchevskoy .

2013.10.19 Klyu - Demyanchuk
                    Klyuchevskoy - 19.10.2013 - Photo Y.Demyanchuk / KVERT

2013.10.19 - Klyu - ash over Aleoutian isl.
19.10.2013 - the ash cloud from the Klyuchevskoy's eruption passes over Aleutian islands - inset right, forecast of movement of the cloud 19-20.10 - doc . U.S. National weather Service / Alaska

2013.10.19 Klyu Modis
     Klyuchevskoy 19.10.2013 - thermal anomalies and ash plume - doc . Nasa Terra Modis

2013.10.19 - Klyu SO2
Concentrations of SO2 on 19.10 (left) and 20.10 (right) passing over the Aleutians and traces of Alaska - doc . IASI - ULB / BIRA- IASB / Eumetsat
2013.10.20 - Klyu SO2


On 20.10 , the peak phase of the explosive eruption ends at 13h UTC , with a decrease in the level of seismicity and tremor , which passes to 150.4 mcm/s just before 13h, and then collapses to 3.3 mcm/s within hours .

The outpouring of lava continues on the south and west sides , and the ash plume rises 8 km drifting to E and SE of the volcano. The aviation code is lowered to orange.

2013.10.20 - Klyu Strombolian and Vulcanian activity of the
                       Klyuchevskoy - activity on 20.10.2013 - Photo Y.Demyanchuk / KVERT .
 2013.10.21 kliu5
Klyuchevskoy - on 21.10.2013 , the plume has disappeared to make way for lenticular clouds - webcam Institute of Volcanology and Seismology / RAS

- U.S. National Weather Service - Alaska.

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