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Earth of fire

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The alert level of Sinabung , located on the island of Sumatra , was raised on November 3 at Siaga III , after an eruption that produced an ash plume rising to over 7000 meters above sea level , and forced the evacuation of communities living within a radius of 3 km. around the crater. This event followed an instability of the volcano since late October.

seismik sinabung 3nov 
Evolution of seismicity and SO2 levels between 01.07 and 03.11.2013 at Sinabung - VSI schemes

On November 5 , a new eruption is recorded. A plume of ash up to 3,000 meters above the crater, accompanied by pyroclastic flows breaking for 1 km. on the SE flank of Sinabung .

2013.11.06 - Sinabung - ADE SINUHAJI - AFP
                              Sinabung - 06.11.2013 - Photo Ade Sinuhaji - AP

On November 11, two eruptions, respectively at 6:14 and 7:00 local time, forced the evacuation of 2,500 residents of the village of Gurukinayan , hit by falling of ash , though located at 4 km. from the volcano, and out of the danger zone ( set to 3 km).
The first eruption of 11 was more powerful , throwing a plume of ash more than 4,000 meters , followed by a pyroclastic flow and a lava flow .

                             The Sinabung erupted - AFP Photo 12.11.2013
 2013.11 Sinabung - Binsar Bakkara -AP
The ash fallout impact the lives of people around the Sinabung - Binsar Bakkara Photo / AP nov.2013

The administration of Karo has evacuated five villages since the beginning of November , four located in the area of 3 km . : Bekerah , Mardinding , Simacem and Suka Meriah .


Sinabung cendres - 2013.11 Binsar Bakkara - AP

Sign of life ...  a flower is blooming in the ash covered vegetation - nov.2013 - Binsar Bakkara Photo / AP nov.2013

- Jakarta Post / 11/11/2013 - Thousands evacuated as Mt.Sinabung erupts again
- Global Volcanism Program - Sinabung latest activity 30.10-05.11.2013

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