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Earth of fire

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North of Iceland, on the peninsula Vatnsnes and more specifically in the Bay Húnaflói, stands near the shore a strange rock called Hvítserkur .
 Hvitserkur - hikenow
                            Hvítserkur at low tide - photo hikenow

Hvítserkur - Design you trust
                                Hvitserkur  - Photo Design you trust

His photogenic as Icelandic changing sky earned him to be associated with a legend : the colossal rock, shaped yak or triceratops, is actually a giant troll who was paralyzed and petrified by the rays of the rising sun, when he was preparing to attack the monastery Thingeyar .

Hvítserkur means " white shirt " in Icelandic, a name that was assigned because of guano lining its walls, left by many breeding birds here, including Arctic terns.
If you approach the rock to the nesting period , remember that these birds are territorial and defend their nest by dive attacks and devastating peck.

 It seems that Hvítserkur is a dyke up a dozen meters, barefoot and widened by erosion. The mass of basalt would probably have disappeared without a consolidation of its foundations there a few years ago .

Hvitserkur - Augustin Sanchez
                Hvítserkur , surrounded by the waters of the fjord - photo Augustin Sanchez


hvitserkur - Oddur Jónsson

                        Hvítserkur ...  heads or tails - photo Oddur Jonsson




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