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Earth of fire

Actualité volcanique, Articles de fond sur étude de volcan, tectonique, récits et photos de voyage


                            " Vulkaner " - blown glass and ceramics - Frida Fjellman 2006.

Frida Fjellman , a young Swedish visual artist , presents its glass and Fjellman 2ceramic volcanoes ...
She represents the new generation of Scandinavian designers. Wearing decorative arts and crafts at the limits of sculpture, radically revisiting the Nordic fundamentals, it transforms in a wand an environment that is too chilly.

From the glass, she retains " torching ", little used in Sweden, and the mirror to its reflectivity .
It also uses neon lights, it turns into lightning , bright borders of his dream.

FridaFjellman jpg 228037v530x800Volcanoes and marmots ... from his exhibition "Other Place" , Sveriges Glasmuseum in 2005, in Växjö

de Artbusiness Flashes of neon , reflections, and other objects - an atmosphere of Frida Fjellman - photo Artbusiness

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It also makes animals like this owl - Frida Fjellman / Sveriges Glasmuseum 2005 Växjö - or these marmots oon an ice flake, glass and wood . Frida Fjellman /
Haninge Konsthall 2005

 " My job is to create atmospheres, small worlds combining elements of interior decoration usually present in our homes and animals inspired by the Swedish tradition. They evoke strong symbols , she says . People often project their feelings ... my recent works reflect my attraction for treated and refined objects ... a nice luxury , filled with tenderness . "
Red Lightning 2005 " Blixt " neon flame - creation Frida Fjellman . Installation Sveriges Glasmuseum 2005 , Växjö , Sweden.

Difficult to classify , this artistic design is called "Contemporary Nordic Craft" . To understand this term , do not translate literally craft by trade, in reference to a multitude of skills and many types of objects ... in Swedish, different terms are used: Konsthantverk , which means work that aspires to be like the art, and also Hantverk , which refers to a craft hobby. In 2007, a new name has emerged: Formhantverk or " sub an artisanal form." The term was coined to refer to " activities that are on the border between craft and design and dialogue between these disciplines , with an emphasis on communication and discussion of issues."



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