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Earth of fire

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The alert level of the Raung volcano, located in East Java, SW of Ijen massif , has just been raised a notch (level 2 / Waspada ) on January 5, 2014 , following an increase of seismicity and a brownish gas fumes . A ban 2 km. around the crater is now in force .

08.09.11 - Raung crater - Andi
                 The caldera Raung - photo Andi guide volcanism / September 2011

Raung - Avcan blog
                                      The top of Raung - aerial photo via Avcan

COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De krater van de Raoeng met rookpluiRaung 17.06.2008 - K.KebailiOn the left, Raung - 1913 - picture archives Tropenmuseum .

Right, the plume Raung , 17.06.2008 - photo K.Kebaili / GVP

The last eruption was dated 12-17 June 2008, where she developed a rising plume at 4,500 m altitude.

Peaking at 3332 meters , this building has the typical form of a stratovolcano, with the exception of NO flank, attached to the Suket close volcano . Its summit is truncated by a caldera 2,000 meters in diameter, with steep walls . A prehistoric collapse of Gunung Gadung on its western flank caused a massive debris avalanche that traveled 79 km , almost reaching the Indian Ocean.

ijen srtm - Ulb.ac.be
                 Images SRTM DEM and ASTER TIR of Ijen volcano complex - doc ULB be.
On the left image , the Raung is left - on the right image , two thermal anomalies are visible, at the Kawah Ijen and Raung.
 Raung volcano---Idjen-copie
Raung and Ijen complex - in infra- red, lake Kawah Ijen and the bare summit of Raung appear clearly in another color - doc . ISS / NASA Photo ID STS049 - 097-050 , May 1992.

Raung Caldera built on the east flanks of the ancestral Gun
Cross section of the caldera Raung compared to the estimated height of G. Gadung before its collapse

Among the 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia , one has been upgraded to IV / awas the 24/11/2013 , the Sinabung .
Three are on level III / Siaga : the Karangetang since 03/09/2013 , the Rokatenda since 13.10.2012 , the Lokon on 24.07.2011 .
In addition Raung , seven are in level II alert / Waspada for more than six months: the Ibu since 10/12/2013 , the Lewotobi Perempuan since 30.09.2013 ; Kawah Ijen since 08/26/2013 , the Gamkonora since 01.07.2013 , the Soputan since 14/06/2013 , the Papandayan since 06/06/2013.



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