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Earth of fire

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On the evening of January 23, 2014 , the Strombolian activity continued in the new southeast crater of Etna, as well as the outpouring of lava at the start of a mouth at the eastern base of the cone of NSEC . The magnitude of the tremor is slowly rising.

2014.01.23 - 19h50
Etna NSEC - from left to right , strombolian activity , emission points of the flows , lava towards the Valle del Bove . - webcam LAVE

Both types of activity have continued during the night , although the degradation of vision from the web-cameras no longer allows an optimal monitoring from midnight.


2014.01.23 22h30 webcam2 292014.01.23 23h30 webcam2 31
2014.01.23 Turi Caggegi                  Etna NSEC - 23/01/2014 - ( 11:30 p.m. ) - photo Turi Caggegi
                               Two lava flows converge toward the Valle del Bove .

2014.01.24 8h00 cam therm Emct2525
Etna NSEC - the casting (s ) on 24/01/2014 / 8:00 GMT - INGV thermal camera / via Volcanodiscovery .

January 24 morning , status quo for the activity, but the lava, at departure of eruptive vents opened on January 23, respectively at 13:05 local and 20:15 ( Etna Walk) ,  join ; and the front of the flow reaches the coast 1850 m on the west wall of the Valle del Bove, a few hundred meters east of the mountains Centenari .

2014.01.24 BBehncke
Etna NSEC - from left to right , the cone of NSEC -  center, the point of emission of lava - right , flow in the Valle del Bove  - Photo Boris Behncke .

During the day, the Strombolian activity NSEC form gas rings .

2014.01.24 15h19 Webcam etnatrekking - anneau fumée
Etna - 24/01/2014 / 3:19 p.m. - a smoke ring (center, above the plume of gas and steam) - webcam Etnatrekkeing Schiena dell ' Asino .

2014.01.24 17h Gmt ECPN hhz
            Etna - the curve of tremor 24/01/2014 at 17h - doc . INGV Catania .

- INGV Catania
- Etna Walk and iEtna / Turi Caggegi .

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