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Earth of fire

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The strombolian activity , which marks since the night of January 21 to 22 the new cone southeast of Etna, accompanied by an effusion of lava from two vents at the base of the NSEC, is still ongoing.
 2014.01.25 - Etna de Tremestieri Etneo - B.Behncke
                    Etna 25.01.2014 - seen from Tremestieri Etneo - photo Boris Behncke

During the night of 26 January , the intensity of the strombolian activity is reduced. The lava flow down into the Valle del Bove has reached a length of 4,000 meters , having spread on a flat terrain, east of Monte Centenari. .

2014.01.26 6h45 de Taormine - Gaetano Auteri
                    Etna seen from Taormina, 26.01.2014 / 6:45 - photo Gaetano Auteri / FB

The INGV reported that the active lava flow in the morning stopped, and a new cast is superimposed on the previous one, and has traveled to 13 hours GMT on half the distance on the west wall of the Valle del Bove ( from the images of the thermal imager of Monte Cagliato ) .

Boris Behncke pointed out that the amount of ash emitted increased in the afternoon of 26 January ... interesting event because product shortly after the earthquake of M 6.3 that hit the Greek island of Kephalonia, also felt in Sicily ( an imprint was left on the diagram tremor ) .
 2014.01.26 en soirée Etna ash - B.Behncke
                  Etna - the emission of ashes 26.01.2014 in the evening - photo Boris Behncke

2014.01.27 - Etna trémor trace séisme M, 6,3 ECPN hhz
Etna - tracing of the tremor 2014.01.27 - the peak to the right of "M" is the trace of earthquake Kephalonia M 6.3 . - On 28.01, the level of tremor lowers - doc . INGV Catania

This emission of ash generated disturbances in Catania airport, where flights had to be diverted overnight.

2014.01.27 20h 22 etna img webcam2

Cloud cover obscured then the summit and prevented any vision by the webcams.
Short clearances helped to control on the new thermal webcam Monte Cagliato ( EMCT ) that the casting is still active.
2014.01.28 17h48 webcam therm EMCT
Hot gas and steam still lag the NSEC .
The tremor is down in the 28th January (see chart above) .
2014.01.28 16h webcam2 45


Source: INGV Catania & Boris Behncke


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