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Earth of fire

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A recent exploration program conducted by an international team including Italian participants of IAMC -CNR ( Institute for Costal Marine Environment of the National Research Council) and INGV / Roma, aboard the research vessel " Universitatis " in Tyrrhenian Sea , was interested in Europe's largest volcano and the Mediterranean : the Marsili submarine volcano
Image 3D of the Tyrrhenian abyssal basin, with the Marsili volcano at the center and in the foreground , the Aeolian volcanic arc .
marsili et cratère 3D
Located south of Naples, this giant, of 60 km. long, 30 km wide, has a height of 3,000 meters. Its summit is immersed in 520 m. below the level of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

 1339577251392 Marsili2
Signs of seismic and hydrothermal activity have been informed by a previous campaign in 2010 ... However, the most likely hypothesis , in the absence of historical eruptions, traced his cessation of work at least 100,000 years .

Recent cores have allowed carbon-14 dating of sediments containing volcanic ash , which indicates an activity that dates back 5,000 to 3,000 years ... that might be worth it to get into the list of active Italians volcanoes, as well the Campi Flegrei , Lipari, and other volcanoes with a known activity , as indicated by Guido Ventura , researcher at INGV . The results of this study were published in the newspaper " Gondwana Research ."

franco-ortolani-vulcano-marsili-tsunami w=640&h=473
The different Italians volcanoes : currently or in historical times active , submarine, and considered extinct volcanoes - doc . Ortolani Franco - vulcano - Marsili tsunami

Research in 2010 had warned against the possible massive collapse , related to potential tsunamis on the Italian coast .  
In the light of recent findings, the researchers call for the implementation of a monitoring system to assess the risks of a possible submarine eruption .

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