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Earth of fire

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2014.02.04 soirée - Etna - B.Behncke             Etna seen from Tremestieri Etneo on 04/02/2014 evening - photo Boris Behncke

On February 4 around 12h , a modest but continuous ash emission was noticed in New crater southeast , and the issuance of a lava flow at the start of one of the vents at the easthern base of the cone NSEC . The flow traveled about 1,000 meters on the east wall of the Valle del Bove .
By early evening , the frequency of ash emission is 5-10 by hour separated by a passive vapor emissions. They are accompanied by incandescent material . These bursts stop around 19h GMT, while lava continues to flow.
2014.02.05 14h18 - Etna NSEC                    Etna NSEC - the puff of ashes 02.05.2014 / 2:18 p.m. GMT - INGV webcam

On February 5, an emission of ash and incandescent pyroclastic material intermittently is accompanied by the constant emission of lava from the mouth to the base of the NSEC .

2014.02.05 23h29 webcam2 30
        Etna - casting from the base of the cone NSEC on 05.02.2014 / 11:29 p.m. - LAVE webcam

February 6 , ash emissions continue at the first time . The eruptive activity is characterized by small strombolian explosions , expelling incandescent pyroclastic material at 50-100 m. above the edge of the crater , and lava emission from two vents at the base of NSEC . The lava flow is now ahead of a flat portion at the base of the east wall of the Valle del Bove, north of the Monte Centenari .

During these three days , the average amplitude of tremor remained at a low level, without major changes .

2014.02.07 - Turri Caggegi DSC 1894
           Etna - flows toward the Valle del Bove, the 07/02/2014 - photo Turi Caggegi / iEtna

On 7 February, the Strombolian explosions succeed more quickly in the morning , with the emission of lava from the two mouths at the base of the cone.

A note : the average amplitude of tremor increased slightly since the beginning of the day.

2014.02.08 à 10h18 ECPN hhz
Etna - curve of tremor - a biggest increase on 07.02 and 08.02 - doc . INGV Catania , the 02/08/2014 at 10:18 .
 2014.02.07 14h32 rond de fumée
Etna 07/02/2014 - 2:32 p.m. - small round of smoke above the NSEC and lava flows on the walls of the Valle del Bove - webcam Etna trekking

2014.02.07 17h36 Emct0332
Etna - 07/02/2014 / 5:36 p.m. GMT- summit strombolian activity and lava flow originates from the base of the cone - INGV thermal webcam
 2014.02.07 18h28 webcam2 44
Etna - 07/02/2014 / 6:28 p.m. - summit Strombolian activity and lava originates from the base of the cone - LAVE webcam

To 20h , explosions succeed at a rate of 10-12 per minute, with glowing expulsions to a maximum of 150 meters above the crater rim and a few bombs falling on the flanks of the cone. The lava flow reached the altitude 2300.

On 8 February, in the afternoon , the tremor rises again, and the explosions of ash multiply ... Etna " is doing like a train" , with a succession of puffs.

2014.02.08 17h21 Emov0327
              Etna NSEC - 08.02.2014 / 5:21 p.m. GMT - successive ash emissions - INGV webcam

- INGV Catania
- EtnaWalk
- iEtna


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