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Earth of fire

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The MARN - Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales - indicates in its report of 8 February that, given the current behavior of the volcano San Miguel / Chaparrastique , another eruption is possible.

Chaparrastique épicentres séismes 27.01 - 07.02 2014- MA
Chaparrastique - epicentres of earthquakes between January 27 and February 7, 2014 - Doc. MARN

Since 27 January, 67 earthquake marked the northern flank of Chaparrastique , three on 05 and 06.02 . The volcanic tremor remained at a high level , with 297 to 356 hourly units , at the seismic station of San Miguel, on February 6 . These shocks reflect subsequent fracturing rocks to internal pressure and constant movement of fluids ( gas, water, magma) within the structure.

On February 6 , a plume of light gray gas did not exceed 150 meters above the volcano, and SO2 values ​​are between 0.009 and 0.208 ppm.

It is suspected that the next eruption could be characterized by small explosions and / or an emanation of lava sufficiently viscous to allow people threatened to escape these flows.

2013.12.29 - San Miguel - RSOE
                         Chaparrastique - eruptive plume 12/29/2013 - photo RSOE

Since Jan. 29 , when an explosion marked the Chaparrastique , volcanologists began to increase monitoring by installing additional equipment ( 9 GPS , 5 seismic stations , acoustic sensors) partially provided by the Italian INGV. Otherwise a fine of population census and facilities in risk areas is underway.

2014.01.01 SMiguel - 4 - MARN
                  Chaparrastique - the overview on 01/01/2014 - photo MARN

The need to remain vigilant .

The Chaparrastique / San Miguel is one of the most active volcanoes in El Salvador. This basalto-andesitic stratovolcano  culminates at 2130 meters, headed by a deep and wide crater. Radial cracks on its sides channeled the historic lava flows , some of which have reached the Northern and eastern bases of the volcano in 17-19 centuries.

Eruptions of San Miguel and frequency, compared to other neighboring Salvadorans volcanoes since 1900 - Doc. MARN




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- MARN - rapports et informations techniques sur l'éruption du Chaparrastique - link 1 - link2

- Global Volcanism Program - San Miguel

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