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Earth of fire

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Some details on the lava by Etna Walk:

The accumulation of incandescent material, slag and bombs, in the saddle between the two SE craters caused the formation around 5:30 of a rheomorphic flow on the south side of the saddle, which stopped at its base.
Around 7am, an overflow of lava at the southwest depression of the crater is superimposed on the previous flow, then to divide into two branches.
The first is directed towards the Torre del Filosofo, the other towards the Valle del Bove. At Torre del Filosofo, lava buried part of the track borrowed by 4x4 bus of Funivia del Etna and burned the guides Etna south cabin.




Destruction-terminaison-Torre-del-filosofo---Etna-sci.jpgEtna - Torre del Filisofo - before and after the eruption of 26.10.2013 - lava invaded the bus stop - Photo Etna Sci.it


Torre-del-Filosofo---Marco-Neri.jpgEtna - Torre del Filosofo  - lava invade the bus stop 4x4 - Photo Marco Neri / website Etna Facebook

Two videos of the last peak : the first by Marco Restivo / EtnaWalk , the second by Boris Behncke .







- Etna Walk / commentaires et vidéo

- EtnaSci & Etna Facebook / photos

- Boris Behncke / Vidéo.


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