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Earth of fire

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With one day late on Day 14 due to rash Kelud , here is the "Heart of the Atacama " proposed by ESA - European Space Agency.

Miscanti lake and smaller Miñiques lake - Jaxa-ESA ALOS 30
Miscanti and Miniques lakes surrounded by volcanoes - photo ESA / ALOS - Advanced Land Observation Satellite / 30.05.2010

This satellite picture shows us the Miscanti lake, heart-shaped , and its smaller neighbor , the Miñiques lake. These salt -altitude lakes are located south -west of the Atacama Desert, which extends along the west coast of Chile.

Different volcanoes frame the lakes :

- To the south, Miñiques a complex basalto - andesitic to dacitic , consisting of a stratovolcano and lava domes nested. Its summit has three craters and peaks at 5,910 meters. The date of last activity is not known, but a prominent lava flow extends from the top on its flanks and separates the two lakes.

Miñiques 2009 - Gerard Prins (2)
                      The volcanic complex Miniques - photo Gerard Prins 2009

- To the east, the volcanic massif Cordón Puntas Negras covers 500 km ². It is composed of 25 eruptive vents , represented by stratovolcanoes , pyroclastic cones , lava domes and maars .

Puntas negras volcanic complex chile ii regio - Gerard Prin The volcanic massif Cordón Puntas Negras , seen from the Laguna Miscanti - photo Gerard Prins 2009

- To the north -northeast , the Cerro Miscanti and the Chiliques .

The latter is a stratovolcano, 5,778 meters high , topped with a  500 meters wide crater. Different lava flows dress its flanks , the largest on the northern flank reaches more than 10 km. length . Although considered as dormant , NASA spotted in 2002, by Aster, a few hot spots in the summit crater and upper flanks .

Chiliques volcano du lac Miscanti - 2009 - Gerard Prins                        The Chiliques , seen from Lake Miscanti - photo Gerard Prins 2009



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